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Janice Yau – Artist Photographer

Janice Yau – Artist Photographer: John Lee Photography Model: 丘芷蓉 Janice Yau For enquiry: info@johnleegraphy.com www.johnleegraphy.com +852-9710-1000 If those of you born in HK, she is well known a cute child working for TVB when she was around age of 8-9.

Pre-wedding photos

Studio photoshoot

十月一日,今日影樓拍攝好輕鬆,是一種放假的心情。之後仲有好多機會去影樓拍攝,歡迎電郵查詢! Info@johnleegraphy.com www.johnleegraphy.com +852-9710-1000