Pregnancy photoshoot for Mavis & Kenneth

In the summer, although the season is a wedding season, it is often the beginning of the rainy season, which is usually work for indoor shooting. It’s not the second time to shoot photos for this couple. It’s also worth remembering that there is a second child.
The biggest brother is very cute, his little sister is born soon, I believe he will be a good brother. It is especially worth having a photoshoot, so that she can recall memories in the future!

*** Due to the bad rainy day, we finally decide to take all photos in the club house podium, instead of public park or beach. How you do feel about the location?


*** 因天雨關係,最後決定在屋院的會所平台拍攝。而且地方舒服,不需怕晒太陽或下大雨!


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