Family pictures, Pets

Pet pet @ Nam Sang Wai

Lately I had a chance photoshooting two little cute Dogs, here have some photos to share with you. 設計對白:Sit, 真係乖,一陣間比嘢你食。 企定定 企定定, 笑. “個個讚我乖,其實我最乖” “我跑,我跑,跑跑跑。” 我兩個model真係好,企定定俾我影,請微笑。 我啲毛靚唔靚? “呢度好浪漫好有情調啊”

Family pictures

Sydney family shoot

Hi, the busy Dec is over soon and new journey for 2018 is coming. This week I am having family photoshoot in Sydney, as well as family trip in Okinawa by end of Dec. Whatsapp is always available and next appointment could be arranged after Jan 3. For those of you who have my current… Read More Sydney family shoot

Celebrity, Event

Event shooting for AICFC

忙忙碌碌完了昨天的工作。拍攝投資公司,簡直是獲益良多。感謝公司AICFC給我聆聽及學習的時間! 今天跟商品投資大王Mr. Jim Rogers 取經,學了一種商品 ~ 貨幣。^_^ 謝謝今天寶貴的一課! 唔知下一個係咪見 Mr. Warren Buffett?  

Wedding photos

Wedding day @ harbour city – Ming & Kit

就是喜歡那一種感覺,不需萬人的祝福,有一班好友就夠了。 Company: John Lee Photography Couple: Ming & Kit Location: Harbour City (Darling harbour) Tel:+852-9710-1000