Photo by John

Johnleegraphy is found in 2009, and over the past 12 years I becoming the active member of WPJA, AGWPJA, BOWP, MYWED and WPI. I specialize in wedding photography with a distinctive photojournalistic style in Hong Kong. My many satisfied clients testify that my style is all about capturing the right moment with the right perspective at the right place. In 2013 I became a destination wedding photographer going around the world for 6 countries. I have awarded 5 different prizes from WPJA by the way 2011-2021.

I am passionate about wedding photography because it focuses on the natural joy and happiness of the event. The beaming brides are usually enchanting while grooms are the most charming on that special day. Apart from the couple, I also like to capture different expressions from guests and easily-missed details on the day that make it special.
I have been married with my wife Maggie for 12 years when we have been together in Toronto many years,and now we have a daughter six years old. To know more about my photoshooting style and services, please see how my clients write about me.