Short note from Rainey & Brian April 1, 2018′

John is my wedding photographer who is patient in understanding what styles of photos we like, while also very helpful during our big day. We are satisfied with his photos, which carries with them a naturalistic tone that we like. So we ask him to take photos with us and our dogs again later, and the result is also very good. Totally recommend him.

Brian & Rainey


Note from Giselle & Duck, March 30, 2018′

We are new to meet John, and it was because we saw some wedding photos and family photos from our friends, which were all taken by him. So we were introduced by our friends.

I really like the photos he took, are very natural and simple, not too much posing and awkward/stiff.

On the day of the shooting, the first time to see John, he was very relaxed and professional. He could easily capture the demeanor of me and my husband.

Every single photo he took were very sensational, very warm and very happy, so we both liked it very much.

Giselle & Duck



Peggy & Marc in Macau March 12, 2016′

“Dear John,
A wedding is a one time life moment with memories that can be forgotten as we get older.
Your professionalism and skills have digitalized these memories in a way that it allows us to relive each moment of happiness and joy of that day for ever.
It captured all those conscious (aware) moments but also those that we like to forget, the unconscious (natural behaviour) ones
The pictures and videos are stunningly beautiful and will be treasured amongst our family and friends all over the world.
Thank you very much for making that special day an unforgettable one for the rest of our lives.
Peggy & Marc”


Edwin & Angela Sept 19, 2015′

Dear John, you are a wonderful and terrific photographer.

At first, I am so worried about in recruiting a good photographer for our big day until I met you and saw your previous works. We were being attracted by your beautiful and lovely style of photos. We had a great day and so enjoyed being shoot by you and your team.

Not only us but also many of my relatives and friends were giving a very good compliments on our photos of wedding day as well. Indeed, we would like to thank you you and your team for being so responsive, proactive, professional and energetic throughout the stressful itinerary of the wedding day.

We will definitely recommend you to any couples or people who are looking to have a photo shoot! In here, I would like to say thank you again to you and your team who were immensely helpful during the shoot and gave us wonderful memories in our life.💙❤

Angela & Edwin wedding on Sept 19, 2015


Mavis & Kenneth wedding on 2015 July 26

John, thank you (and your team) so much for taking many beautiful and stylish photos for our wedding. Your professional skill and instinct making even a small action during the day into an unbelievable memory and surprise for us to remember. Your friendly and funny approach also makes us feel relaxing and comfortable in front of the camera during this hectic day, allowing us to show the happiness we experienced into amazing photos that can share with our friends and family. We are glad that we have such an outstanding photographer capturing all the wondering moments in our wedding, and wishing you that your photos will be able to bless more and more newlyweds in the future.

John,感謝你和你的團隊為我們的big day 留下美好的回憶。你所拍的照片很有美感和意景,一個平平無奇的畫面,在你的鏡頭下卻產生了意想不到的驚喜。你友善幽默的談吐,讓我們在拍攝的過程中感到輕松自在,很容易就流露出我們最真實的快樂和幸福。你是一位很優秀的攝影師,希望你能夠為更多新人留下他們光輝的一頁。祝福你的公司客似雲來。


Letter from Shiu Cheong & Shun Ting Prewedding on Apr 27, 2015′

Dear John, you were wonderful to work with, from recommending the shoot locations to renting the gowns, and most importantly we loved the casual vibes and photojournalistic style of your photos. We had a great day and enjoyed ourselves and my mom particularly enjoyed being able to witness the shoot, we want to let you know that this means a lot to us. Thank you for being so responsive, proactive and meticulous, helping to coordinate so that everything was in order for the few days that we stayed for the shoot. We will definitely recommend you to any couples who are looking to have a photoshoot in Hong Kong! Thank you to your team /partners who were immensely helpful during the shoot as well!


Rachael & Sam wedding on March 28, 2015

One of the first things my wife and I noticed and immediately appreciated was John and his team’s great attitude. Through the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, the team remained professional and energetic. We opted for the additional photographer, allowing us to capture the memories of both the groom and bride’s morning of preparation. John and his team did an excellent job taking photos of our day and capturing the joy and happiness that was experienced in it. The guests felt comfortable in front of their cameras and we were pleased with receiving our set of beautiful photographs.


Julie & Jeffrey wedding on Nov 8, 2014′

John is a talented and accommodating photographer. Booking him and his team was very simple and throughout the lead-up to our wedding he was clear and efficient. On the day, he and his team were unfailingly polite and friendly to everyone he came across, and made us and all the guests feel very comfortable in front of the camera. They tried their best to accommodate the guests, our family and our demand without complaints. John has a great talent for capturing a feeling in an image. He delivered a beautiful set of images that capture many very happy memories despite the occasionally gloomy weather on the day. We were particularly impressed with the shots taken at the rooftop of Excelsior Hotel. I’m sure we will continue to enjoy looking through them for years to come.


Kitty & Ale prewedding and wedding on Mar 1, 2014′

Hi John,

I think we’ve given John a rather hard time in shooting our engagement photos initially because both of us are rigid and camera shy, so we kept telling him we didn’t want to pose. John is such a thoughtful and cheerful photographer to work with. He led us into feeling happy and relaxed, and he had created a really beautiful set of engagement photos for us. We’re really grateful that you are here with us on our special night to capture more beautiful shoots. John is very passionate and professional, and most importantly, he’s a great guy to work with. We’d greatly recommend him to our friends and families.

Kitty & Alejandro


Prashant & Alexa wedding on Feb 16, 2014′


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for handling the photography for our wedding. The pictures you took were excellent and we have received several comments remarking about how great they were. I would be happy to recommend your services to others in Hong Kong in future.

It was really nice working with you, I wish you the best of luck in future.

Kind regards,
Prescient Prashant


Crystal & Bosco wedding on Jan 11, 2014

John was first recommended to us by a friend for his professional work ethics and talented photography skills.  We are so glad that we found him to be our wedding photographer because he is so friendly, professional, and responsible.  He and his team worked wonderfully with our other film/photography crew, which was very important for us because we had three different groups of photographers/cinematographers.  He was very professional and communicated with everyone very well so we never had to worry about crew getting into each others way.  He was very responsible, always on time and sent us the final photos very promptly after the wedding.  He was also really patient with us whenever we had questions or needed his help.  He never seemed irritated or unreliable or unreachable, he is always happy and quick to reply to my messages.  Most importantly, he took beautiful photos of our wedding day and captured all our happy and emotional moments.  He made us feel very comfortable and ensured we captured all the essential family photos that we will cherish forever.  His photos were very real and natural and we love them very much! We are so glad that we hired John to be our wedding photographer and would highly recommend all our friends and family to book him as well!  Cheers,


Highlighted photo slideshow:


Kate & Dom wedding on Dec 22, 2013′

To John and his wonderful team, Thank you so much for your amazing work. I can’t thank you enough for doing such a great job at capturing the memories on our special day, just the way we liked. Thanks for being so understanding and completely flexible on the day. We were probably one of your most chaotic clients (we know that) but your team’s and your calm presence was exceptional. We never felt pressured for once on the day and you just went with flow. All the meetings I had with you before the wedding were informative. It was a great idea to have met you properly before the wedding. We absolutely love our videos and the pictures – they bring us back to the day every time we see them. I particularly love how they capture the happiness and emotions of our friends and families, they are priceless and we can’t wait to show them to our friends and families from overseas! John, sincerely thank you again for making our wedding day so memorable. Your creativity and special ability deserves to be recognized. I have no doubt recommending your service to all of my friends and families and I’m looking forward to future collaborations with you and your great team.
Best wishes,
Kate Chow


Andrea & Bryan prewedding on Nov 27, 2013′

Andrea and myself would like to send you our sincere gratitude for all your help in making our canto dream a reality. Living in Singapore, Hongkong played such an important part of me and my wife’s lives. We got together in Hongkong, proposed and got engaged in Hongkong, hence, it was only right to have our pre-wedding photos taken there. However, it wasn’t easy given that we had no contacts with photographers in Hongkong. Lucky for us, we were able to find John online and he duly delivered all his promises, while going out of his way to make sure we felt very comfortable and at ease even though we have not met him before. He also try to accommodate as much as he could and settled all the logistic needs for the shoot. The locations he brought us to were perfect! The shoot was wonderful and the images turned out great. John was constantly making us feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot. A professional who took the extra mile to make sure all our needs were met and that the album reached us, thousands of miles away from him. And yes, the photos and album got to us in time for our wedding in Singapore. Thank you once again John for making our canto dream a reality.

Yours Sincerely, Bryan & Andrea


Suzanne & Clement wedding on Dec 9, 2012


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for handling the photography for our wedding. The pictures you took were excellent and we have received several comments remarking about how great they were. I would be happy to recommend your services to others in Hong Kong in future.

It was really nice working with you, I wish you the best of luck in future.

Kind regards,


Meiji & Takaharu Prewedding on July 22, 2012 and Wedding Day on Oct 02, 2012

We’re so glad to have you, John Lee to be our pre-wedding and wedding day photographer!! You are always thoughtful and you take photos with heart that we can feel!! All of our wedding photos show particular style. We like this kind of atmosphere very much!! Just simply natural but full of warm and sweet!! A lot of my friends gave good comments after seeing the photos too^^ I would like to introduce you to someone who want to take wedding photos. I believe you must be the one who can help them to keep sweetest memories by your work!! Let’s share God’s love through the process of taking photos!!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 4.19.29 PM

Aiko & Chimeng Wedding Day on Sept 29th, 2012

Since we decided to get marry, we knew it is hard to find a perfect photographer I browsed the web and still couldn’t find the suitable one until I met you on Dawn’s wedding. I was touched by her photos you took for her. I know you are the one. Of course you have done a really good job. The photos show the most touching and precious moments of that day. We could see love, joy, fun and sweetness in the photos. We also thank your two partners for taking the photos and videos very well. All of you are so professional! That happy day will be for ever embedded in our memory from the photos and videos.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 4.19.37 PM

Ada & Angus Engagement on Sept 13th, 2012

Thanks for your amazing photo-shooting on 13/9/2012!!!!! Such a good memory for us, all our smiling faces are still flowing in our mind. We recall and recall from the photos… We have not been meeting a photographer like you, so caring and responsible. Your consecutive effort is highly appreciated. Though we can only meet up for a coffee chat before shooting, you have already treated us as your close friends or even family members! Haha… So considerate! We can deeply feel that you would like to provide your best service and preparation to us. Moreover, your shooting style is so causal and lively. Without forcing us to be your ideal “models”, you are letting us to be “ourselves” and try to catch up the most touching and lovely moment we had. As we have told you before, you met our dream and bought us to this wonderful and relaxing place that we have never thought of. Discovery Bay is really a refreshing place where can let us interact with nature, as well as for our dating. Haha XD Thanks again for your excellent recommendation and your very hard-work on that day and all along our wedding schedule! With the blessing of our god, we do hope that your professional skills and talent could help more couples to save up their happy and romantic memories with their partner. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and keep in touch! ^^
In him,
Ada & Angus 25/9/2012

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 4.19.44 PM

Cecilia & Marco Married on March 10th, 2012

“Many thanks for being our photographer for our wedding! Actually, when we were first searching for a wedding photographer, we found it really difficult to find a photographer who would have a journalistic approach. We wanted the photos to tell a story, and not just a set of photos with various poses. At one point, we even thought of just asking family friends to help us take photos, because the photographers that we previously saw used fairly generic styles. During our search though, we noticed your blog on the WPJA website. The photos on your blog were very natural–simple and elegant without trying too hard. We were also impressed with the way the photos showcased different candid expressions. Since we didn’t plan for pre-wedding photos, we weren’t sure what to expect on the big day. Because of that, it was great to see that you already had lots of experience. The angles and ideas you suggested all came out really well in the photos! Our family and friends have started viewing our wedding photos and all the comments have been very positive. We were especially pleased with the emotions that were captured throughout the day. There were many candid moments that gave us a good laugh! These moments were very real even in the photographs, and it was all these moments that told the story. Thanks again John! Your work definitely exceeded our expectations!”

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 4.19.53 PM

Daniel & Kathy Pre-wedding on Feb 05th, 2012

John is an amazing photographer and it was a lot of fun having him do our engagement photos. He is also a post processing-photoshop genius and we loved how he improve our raw photos and make them outstanding. He was very organized and he went out of his way to make sure we had all the elements in our photoshoot that we wanted. He even met us the day before to make sure we had all the rental dresses and tuxedos that we had wanted. We were really impressed with the level of thought he placed into the outdoor photo site locations around Hong Kong. We gave him a few specific backdrop ideas we liked and he took us to places that only an expert like him would know. John spoke great English which was essential considering we spoke no Chinese. John also had a great support staff and we got a far better value through John than the “bridal salons” in Hong Kong. We got to experience everything anyone could want in an upscale photoshoot with very nice private chartered transportation, excellent makeup artist, and lighting assistants. After our photoshoot, he sensed that I liked the lights in downtown Tsim Sha Tsui and even offered to take additional photos as we walked back to our hotel at no additional charge. John even took care of us while we were planning our trip to Hong Kong. He suggested the best hotels for us to stay in with the most beautiful views and photography opportunities and he taught us about the transportation system. None of the other photographers we emailed seemed to put in the level of thought and care that John did, even before we agreed to sign with him. Overall, I highly recommend John Lee. He has amazing photography and photoshop skills, and he is an honest helpful guy who will do his best to ensure you are happy with the end result. Thanks John!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 4.20.00 PM

Dawn & Man wedding on January 21st, 2012

“Thank you for creating such a precious memory for our wedding. It was when I searched on the internet for just the perfect photographer for our wedding that I came upon your website. Your work is truly inspiring, your pictures are full of warmth and you are able to capture all those touching and meaningful moments. With you, we were certain that our wedding pictures are in good hands and we looked forward to a warm and God-loving wedding. Recalling the discussions before the wedding, your replies were always quick and passionate. You asked for our wedding details and our input on ideas gave us confident that you were serious in your work. Meanwhile we expressed to you that we hope to capture a lot of happy and cheerful moments, not necessary of ourselves but also of our guests. Now with the photos in our hands, we cannot help but laugh out loud as we go through the pictures in delight. We were wondering what was exactly happening during the time you caught the picture of people laughing so hard. We are sharing all these lovely pictures with our family and friends and everyone is so touched and pleased with them. Of course, you made us look so beautiful in these photos as we never thought we could be so photogenic! Our parents are also praising with laughter, “They are so stunning!”. We really want to give a big thank you for the work you have done on our special day. Thank you Lord we met such an upbeat and passionate photographer who is able to grasp precious moments and is thoughtful of the bride and groom. We also appreciate your two assistants for their help. Wish you all the best and hope you can continue taking more sweet photos for the newly weds.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 4.20.08 PM

Lisa & Joe wedding on November 24th, 2011

“We cannot thank you enough for the amazing pictures you took on our wedding day! You worked closely with us right from the start planning the big day. We immediately could tell that photography is your passion. Coming to Hong Kong from the United States for the first time, we felt so excited to have such a professional and personable photographer. You made it a fun, relaxed day and captured all of the day’s special moments. Your photography style made us look like models in an advertisement! Our family and friends are so impressed with your work. Now we have a collection of incredible pictures that we will always be able to look at to remember our big day!,”

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 4.20.15 PM

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