I offer snap shots, formal pictures or videography service on wedding day and engagement. My service can provide snapshot photographers, standard photographers, lighting assistant, and videomen, as well as instant photos. Our team has been able to handle tables of as many as 100 for banquet. My clients range from : Boston, Germany, Korean, USA, Japan, Australia, Vancouver, Indonesia, Turkey, Bali, Malaysia & Macau. I am fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.


Other than Wedding photography, I do take other kind of events, families, pets, parties, pregnancy and studio photos. Please feel free to contact me for more options.


Family photoshooting rate from HK$2,500/2hrs, event photoshoot from HK$1500/hr, as well as wedding day shoot from HK$3,000/2hrs. For oversea photoshooting rate starting from HK$5,000/3hrs excluding air ticket & accommodation, please feel free to send me your detail info, so that I can quote to you a reasonable rate.

FAQ 1:

Q.) Are there any extra charges other than photography and videography services?
A.) The full wedding day service is from 8:30am to 11:30pm (11 hours). Additional charges will be applied before 8:15am or after 11:40pm in different situation.

FAQ 2:

Q.) Do we provide instant photos printing & make up services?

A.) Yes, we can provide instant photos printing for 4R from $200 / tables, min 15 tables. Make up service can be provide upon request.

FAQ 3:

Q.) What would be the photo quality provided?

A.) We provide umlimited digital photos with high resolution – Gears in Canon.

FAQ 4:

Q.) Do we provide pre-wedding photos taking as well as in other country?

A.) Yes, definitely we can provide the service to specific location upon request. I have been taking wedding day and engagement photos from UK-London, Australia-Melbourne & Sydney, Indonesia-Bali, Thailand-Phuket, Japan-Yokohama & Okinawa, Penang & Macau.

FAQ 5:

Q.) What is the payment method?

A.) 50% deposit of the payment will be charged for holding the date, and the final payment are requested by the service date. Deposit via bank transaction, Payme, Alipay, WeChat pay, or Paypal with service charge is available.