TST Gentleman model shoot

The people on my website are usually brides and rarely grooms. But of course there are exceptions. This time, the Indonesian guests chose me to take a photo, an interesting photo series, mainly about which style I like, and he is traveling alone. I have also done my best to introduce the characteristics of Hong Kong.
Especially he chose Tsim Sha Tsui, a landmark of Hong Kong. We used the cultural center as the theme. There are also walks of the Avenue of Stars and the grand opening K11 MUSEA.
I am very glad to have the opportunity to take a picture of this KOL shooting.

睇我個網頁嘅人,通常都是新娘子,很少係新郎。但當然亦有例外。今次Indonesian 客人揀選了我去為去拍攝,一輯有意思嘅相片留念,主要係喜歡哪一種風格,而且亦是一個人來旅遊,我亦盡了地主之誼,介紹少少香港嘅特色。

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