Almost a year has passed since the Covid-19, and the world is constantly changing, but life will not stop because of this. You will continue to move forward and make a better journey. Time flies quickly. The last time I went to Sydney to take a family photo was three years ago. Although I haven’t met and filmed with guests in the past three years, the contact with him is like yesterday, uninterrupted. In the past three years, I have talked with the guests, and every year I have made a calendar for their family. This yearly calendar is quite special, it was made specially for them. Why do I say that? In a big family of more than 20 people, there are many festivals that cannot be forgotten, such as birthdays, wedding anniversary and so on. There are also many children and grandchildren, and school holidays and school term cannot be less. So specially made this monthly calendar for them. Every detail is placed inside. All holidays are in accordance with Australia Holidays, in this way, it is convenient for guests to quickly know the important day of their family members, and it is convenient to celebrate and remember. It is more convenient for children who go to school, knowing when it is a holiday, exams, and going to school are clear at a glance!
If you have a big family, then this calendar is very suitable for you, I am happy to make one for you. If you have any queries, please contact me!


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